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Republican festival devoted to Day of languages of people of Kazakhstan.

Republican festival devoted to Day of languages of people of Kazakhstan.

In Republican state enterprise «Gosexpertiza» the Festival, devoted to Day of languages of people of Kazakhstan on September, 22nd, 2011 has been lead. In Festival which took place in capital Kazakh is musical-drama theatre of a name of K.Kuanyshbaeva, there have arrived representatives of all territorial divisions RSE «Gosexpertiza». Roles of nationalities living in Kazakhstan have been distributed between territorial divisions RSE «Gosexpertiza».
So Azerbaijan traditions and customs were presented by collective ASE «Vostokgosexpertiza» (Ust Kamenogorsk and Semey);
Armenian traditions and customs - ASE «Kokshetaugosexpertiza» (Kokshetau);
Belarussian customs and traditions - ASE «Atyraugosexpertiza» (Atyrau)
Georgian traditions and customs - ASE «Karagandagosexpertiza» (Karaganda and Zhezkazgan);
Kazakh traditions and customs - ASE «Sevgosexpertiza» (Petropavlovsk);
Kyrgyz traditions and customs - ASE «Kostanaygosexpertiza» (Kostanai);
Latvian traditions and customs - ASE «Zhambylgosexpertiza» (Taraz);
Lithuanian traditions and customs - ASE «Yuzhgosexpertiza» (Shymkent);
Moldovan customs and traditions - ASE «Mangistaugosexpertiza» (Aktau)
Russian customs and traditions - ASE «Kyzylordagosexpertiza» (Kyzyl-Orda);
Tajik customs and traditions - ASE «Pavlodargosexpertiza» (Pavlodar)
Turkmen traditions and customs - ASE «Zapgosexpertiza» (Uralsk)
Uzbek customs and traditions - ASE «Aktyubgosexpertiza» (Aktobe);
Ukrainian customs and traditions - The parent company of RSE «Gosexpertiza» (Astana);
Estonian traditions and customs - Southern Branch (Almaty).
Korean traditions and customs were presented by collective AGP " ASE «Taldykorgangosexpertiza» (Taldykorgan). And capital branch RSE «Gosexpertiza» (Astana) has presented mini-performance from a life of modern Kazakh family where contenders to become the bride for parents of the groom, have acted girls of the different nationalities speaking in native and Kazakh languages.
The program of competition of Festival has been divided into 3 parts.
In 1-st round competition took place on the best execution of concert performance when participants in national suits showed songs and dances of represented nationalities, read verses, and also showed modern slides about corresponding former soviet republic, presented traditions, customs, national kitchen of people living in Republic of Kazakhstan.
In 2-nd round competition on knowledge and interpretation of building terms and concepts in a state language was spent.
In 3-rd round participants explained sense of proverbs, sayings, citations and statements about language of known Kazakh writers.
The jury consisted from:
- The responsible secretary of Agency of Republic of Kazakhstan on affairs of construction and housing and communal services Dembay Salauat Mahanbetuly;
- The expert of Committee on languages of the Ministry of culture of Republic of Kazakhstan Torehanova Elerke Adephankyzy;
The head of the state language development and human resource of Agency of Republic of Kazakhstan on affairs of construction and housing and communal services Bigalieva Ospanovna Kumar;
- The general director RSE «Gosexpertiza» Yerezhepov Birlik Bekmurzaevich;
- The chief of general department RSE «Gosexpertiza» Seksenbieva Bakhyt Batyrhanovna.
The festival has passed at a high level, all participants have shown good preparation. For active participation representatives of all territorial subdivisions were awarded Letters of thanks of General director RSE «Gosexpertiza» Yerezhepov Birlik Bekmurzaevich.
1-st place of jury has awarded Southern branch from Almaty, 2-nd place - to parent enterprise RSE «Gosexpertiza», and 3 place was awarded ASE «Taldykorgangosexpertiza».
The Grand prix of festival of jury has awarded collective ASE «Vostokgosexpertiza» from Ust Kamenogorsk and its branch in the city Semey.
On results of 2-nd and 3-rd round on a nomination «Til bilgiri» the best became representatives ASE «Vostokgosexpertiza» , on a nomination «Soz zergeri» - ASE «Kyzylordagosexpertiza», and on a nomination «Korermen kozaiymy» - ASE «Zhambylgosexpertiza», memorable diplomas and gifts are handed over to all winners.
The following festival which takes place in 2012, will accept present winner ASE «Vostokgosexpertiza» at itself in the city of Ust Kamenogorsk.